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  • Kenny 10:10 am on August 21, 2014 Permalink

    Bradenton Carpet Cleaning Techniques 

    Trying to removed stains in your carpet yourself?  We of course recommend that you hire a professional carpet cleaning company, but if you choose not to there are some steps you could take to improve the chances of removing the stain from your carpet or other fabric.  First you will want to pay attention to what type of stain it is on your carpet or fabric.  If it is a stain that is a beverage or food it is best to use normal color safe household cleaning products.  If it is a protein based stain such as a pet mess, blood or some other protein based stain it is best not to use products that contain bleach.  If you use beach or beach based products the stains will end up an off white-yellow color.  It is best to use a hydrogen based product such as hydrogen peroxide.  Hydrogen Peroxide has the same cleaning capabilities as bleach without the off color after use.  Pay attention to the color of carpet in which you are cleaning.  You of course never want to use bleach products on colored carpets.  Many people will use bleach products and think that the carpet stain removal went well then when sun hits the carpet in the spot the bleach is or was, the carpet turns a lighter color. Contact with the sun dramatically changes the effect bleach has on any surface.

    Also, make sure you do not “dab” the liquid out of your carpet.  Attempting to soak up any liquid with a cloth will only allow you to soak up a liquid at the rate in which the cloth is able to absorb.  Most times when you use a cloth to soak up a stain it will absorb some of the liquid into the cloth and push the remainder of the liquid deeper into the carpet.  If you do decide you must use a cloth to attempt to soak up part of a potential stain, use a cloth that is 100% cotton.  You do not want to use a cloth that contains polyester fibers as they are water resistant and soak up liquids at a much slower rate.

    Cleaning your carpet yourself is never a pleasant job and it does require some experience to know how to remove each type of stain and restore your carpet to the original condition.  If you want to hire a professional carpet cleaning company and are located in the Bradenton and or Sarasota area call Guaranteed Carpet & Tile Care.  We are one of the most affordable and thorough carpet cleaning companies in Bradenton.  We look forward to helping you with all of your carpet cleaning needs.

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    Tile Cleaning Bradenton 

    Tile Cleaning is just as important as carpet cleaning.  Guaranteed Carpet and Tile Care understands the importance of tile cleaning and want to share  some our knowledge with Bradenton residents.


    Your tile and grout needs cleaned regularly.  Grout allows dust to collect due to its concave nature.  Grout also has porous qualities so it is able to start the production of mold when it gets water or food particles in it.  Tile is most often found in kitchens where the most food oils are handled.  Oils generally transfer from the tile, to the carpet in the surrounding rooms which will allow dust to settle into those oils.  This is one of the main reasons you will see high traffic dark spots coming from tile or linoleum onto carpet.  You can of course clean the tile itself with general household cleaners, but it will not be completely clean.  Cleaning grout is a much harder process than cleaning tile.  Cleaning grout without professional tile cleaning equipment is a time consuming and cumbersome process.  Using the correct combination of cleaners and the right tools can allow you to clean the grout yourself.   However by the time most people put all the time and effort cleaning their grout, they wish that they had hired someone else to do it.  Guaranteed Carpet & Tile Care can help you with all of your tile cleaning needs.  We are a professional and experienced tile cleaning company that can make all of your carpet and tile look brand new.  We can help keep your tile clean, which will in turn help keep your carpet clean.  Guaranteed Carpet and Tile Care is not the most expensive tile cleaning company in Bradenton, but we are most certainly one of the best.  Call us today to schedule an appointment to have all of your tile and or carpet cleaned.


    (941) 739-8991

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    Bradenton – Carpet – Cleaning – Extracting liquids 

    If you spill something on your carpet that is going to cause it to stain, it is best to remove the liquid as quick as possible.  You can use paper towels or hand towels to try to remove the liquid.  However this can force the liquid deeper into the carpet.  You have to keep in mind that a paper towel or hand towel will only absorb a limited amount of the liquid in your carpet.  If the liquid spilled has any sugar content it will begin to collect dirt more rapidly than other liquids that do not contain sugar.  Also if the liquid is not clear it will obviously leave a much more distinguished stain.  The first minutes after a spill can make all the difference in the long term appearance of your carpet.  Guaranteed Carpet Cleaning has great response time after we get the initial call from a customer.  However there are things you can do while you are waiting for our company to assist you with stain removal.  We would first recommend that you use suction to pull the liquid up from the carpet.  A shop-vac is ideal for almost any stain.  If you do not have a shop-vac, a vacuum that will allow liquids will suffice.  Once you have as much of the initial liquid removed from the carpet as possible it is best to get a small amount of water and reapply it to the affected area.  Then you will use the shop-vac or vacuum to extract the water that you just applied to the initial stain.  This will allow you to dilute the liquid that was initially spilled on the carpet.  This is not a solve-all solution.  You will probably still need a professional carpet cleaning company to come out and extract the liquid from deep down in the carpet.  The steps to extract the liquids after the initial spill will help ensure total success.  If you need a carpet cleaning company in Bradenton, call us and we will be happy to assist you with all of your carpet cleaning needs.


    Kenny owner of Guaranteed Carpet Cleaning in Bradenton FL

    Kenny owner of Guaranteed Carpet Cleaning in Bradenton FL


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    Carpet – Cleaning – Bradenton 

        Guaranteed Carpet and Tile Care in Bradenton is one of the best carpet cleaners you will be able to find at a reasonable price in Bradenton, Fl.  We not only spend the extra time to make sure your carpet looks great, we also operate top of the line carpet cleaning equipment that we are proud to own.  One of our carpet cleaners that we use is called a RX20.  The RX20 cleans carpet far more vigorously than you average carpet cleaning system.  Here is an example of how powerful our carpet cleaner can be.  The RX20 makes 180 cleaning passes a minute, opposed to a standard carpet cleaning machine that may only do 1-3 clean passes a minute.  This means that our RX20 carpet cleaning machine can get your carpet over 50 times cleaner than another carpet cleaner.  We are not just a carpet cleaning company we are members of the local community.  We are proud of our company and the level of services we provide to our community.  Almost all of our clients that use us once always use us again.  Guaranteed Carpet & Tile Care appreciates any feedback you can provide to us about our services or company.  We are always looking for ways to improve our company so we can better serve you, our loyal customers.  When you need a carpet cleaning company in Bradenton, we hope you will consider using our carpet cleaning company before you make your final choice on a carpet cleaner.  If you have any feedback at all, feel free to leave us a review on Google or any other review site online.  You can also call us anytime.  We look forward to doing business with you.


    (941) 739-8991


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    5 Things To Consider Before Properly Storing An Oriental Rug 

    Occasionally I have clients ask me how to properly store their oriental rugs. It’s not complicated but all of these factors are important.

    First, have the rug professionally cleaned. Hopefully by Guaranteed Carpet & Tile Care. This is especially important if there are any pet stains on the rug. Some stains, especially pet related, will become more difficult if not impossible to remove if not properly treated in a timely manner. Professional cleaning will also destroy most moth eggs that may be attached to the wool fibers.

    Second, have the rug treated with a moth repellent. Moths can and will destroy your valuable oriental rug.

    Third, make sure the rug is fully dry before its wrapped. Even residual moisture that can’t be felt with your hand can cause rotting of the backing. Ask your cleaner to test it with a penetrating moisture meter.

    Fourth, have it wrapped in Tyvex paper. It will protect the rug while in storage as well as let it breathe. Never store a rug in plastic!

    Finally, make sure it is stored in an environmentally controlled environment. High humidity can cause the rug to mold and/or rot.

    Guaranteed Carpet & Tile Care provides full service cleaning of all valuable rugs. Ask us about our Free pick up and delivery service.

    Call Us Now at 941-923-2498

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    Tired Of Looking At Those Dulled Stone Floors? 

    Let Guaranteed Carpet & Tile Care’s experienced team get your floors back to a like new shine again. Don’t trust your expensive fine floors to just anyone. Call 923-2498 today to schedule a free no-pressure on-site consultation and evaluation.

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    Yes! You Should Seal Your Grout and Stone Surfaces. 

    Almost daily I hear the question “Should I have my grout sealed?”. The answer is… well you already know if you read the title of this article. Grout is very porous and will absorb anything that is spilled on it if you don’t have adequate sealer applied. Here is a simple test that you can do yourself to see if your grout is properly sealed against water and oil based stains. Put a small amount of water on the grout and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Obviously if the water soaks right in, the grout is not sealed. Now blot up the water with a paper towel. Does the grout appear darker than the surrounding grout? If it beaded up but still got darker from absorbing the water then the grout has sealer but may need a fresh application. If the grout did not change, that’s great! Your grout is still protected against water and oil based staining.

     Call Guaranteed Carpet & Tile Care at 923-2498 if you have further assitance. We are highly skilled and have all the proper equipement to get your floors looking like new again.

     until next time,

     Kenneth Ferguson

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    4 Things You Have To Know When You Have A Water Damage. 

    1) Avoid Hazards – electrical, slip & fall, microbial

    a) Make sure to avoid flooded areas with appliances and electronics that are making contact with flood water. It’s always better to be safe and turn off the power breaker to those water damaged areas if there is any possiblility of electrical shock.

    b) Identify any slip & fall hazards as soon as it’s safe to enter the area. Do your best to eliminate those risks for example lay down towels at transition areas from carpet to hard surfaces. Alert others to be careful.

    c) If there is visible mold growth, follow these guidelines.

    • DO NOT turn on fans and HVAC system. Doing so could and probably will spread mold spores to other areas of the home/business increasing the area of contamination.

    • DO NOT attempt to remove mold contaminated materials yourself. Doing so without having the specialized knowledge that our specialist have can and probably will expose you and your family to toxic and/or infectious materials. Risks can range from increased allergies to memory loss and even death. We spend thousands of dollars per year for specialized education on how to handle situations like this because of the potential health threats that come from exposure to mold and other microbials. Our specialists are trained to use the latest equipment and techniques to remove contaminants and restore your structure to a pre-loss condition while limiting and eliminating the health risks to you and your family.

    2) Stop The Source – call Guaranteed Cleaning & Restoration ANYTIME at 941-462-2369 if you need help.

    a) for condos: The main water shut-off is usually a lever located in the same location as your water heater.

    b) for homes: The main water shut-off is usually outside and its location varies from home to home. Turn off any valves you find. Call a plumber immediately if you need help. Many offer 24 hour emergency service.

    3) Remove Furniture – Wood and Metal Can Cause Staining

    a) These stains will most likely be permanent on carpet. Please make sure to point any know furniture and rust stains immediately to our specialist so that they can be properly treated before they dry and set. Can’t move it yourself? Don’t worry, our specialists will take care of it. Just try move as much as you can to limit damage to the flooring and furniture.

    4) Call us immediately – every minute counts to prevent secondary damage

    a) Don’t wait to call us for help. The damage will begin to spread and increase in severity,complexity and cost for every hour you go without contacting Guaranteed Cleaning & Restoration. If you are reading this because you have an existing water damage, I hope you already called Guaranteed Cleaning & Restoration.

    941-462-2369. What are you waiting for!

    Good luck!

    Ken Ferguson

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    Don’t Cut A Run! 

    If you get a run in your berber carpet, don’t cut it! You will make a very noticeable and permanent ugly line where you can see the backing of your carpet. Instead try the easy steps below to fix the problem.

     You need the following items:

         Hot glue gun

         Clear hot glue stick

         Paper clip

         Paper plate or piece of cardboard

    That’s it. A steady hand doesn’t hurt either.

    1) Now place the glue gun on the plate or cardboard so that the glue doesn’t drip on the floor.

    2) Add a small drop of glue on the backing of the carpet where the loop of the berber was originally attached.

    3) While using the paperclip so not to get hot glue on your finger, press the carpet yarn into the glue at the bottom of the loop. There should be dried glue from the manufacturer on the carpet yarn. Attach it there.

    4) Repeat all the way down the run until it is all re-attached. Use the adjacent carpet yarn still attached from the factory as a guide.

    If you do it right, it should be very hard to tell you repaired it unless you know where it was. I repaired a run in my berber carpet and I forget it ever happened. If you have any questions or would like it repaired professionally, call Guaranteed Carpet & Tile Care at 923-2498 and we will be glad to help.


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    How to Clean a Spill 

    “Have you ever tried cleaning a spot on your carpet or rug only to make it worse?”

    Using the wrong product or the wrong technique can actually damage your carpet or rug. Follow these simple instructions for best results. Please keep in mind that some spots require professional care.

    STEP 1:

    Cover spill with WHITE napkin or paper towels.

    DO NOT use colored paper! It might transfer onto the carpet. Be sure to use a THICK stack to absorb as much of the spot as possible.

    STEP 2:

    Blot by stepping on stack of towels. REPEAT THIS PROCESS UNTIL NO TRANSFER TAKES PLACE. DO NOT RUB!!!

    STEP 3:

    Apply Spotting Agent

    Warning: Do not use “over the counter” spot removers! They can leave a sticky residue that attracts soil and may discolor your textiles. Instead, call us to find out what spotters are recommended.


    Steps 1 and 2.

    If the spot does not come out, do NOT attempt any further action, as you may set the spot and or damage your textiles. Instead, give us a call. Do not over-wet the spot. Keep blotting until dry to the touch. You may then repeat all steps.

    For further assistance, give us a call Guaranteed Carpet & Tile Care at 923-2498 Today!

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